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Coworking Spaces: A Letter by a Community Manager

Dear reader, I am Nathascha and I am FutureWard‘s Community Manager . I often meet new people, and they ask me what I do for a living. It’s funny even after I explain it, people still usually don’t really understand. Every Coworking Space has its own Community Manager, and this person usually has their own […]

Futureward 3rd Anniversary Special Reveal Part I

?Win a 50% off 6-month contract for our private offices! ? FutureWard’s mission has always been to support entrepreneurs and the startup community! With our 3rd Year Anniversary coming up, we want to offer YOU the opportunity to win an office space at a killer price! Send us your deck for a chance to win a […]

Happy Birthday FutureWard! Yet again we embark on a new journey…

TLDR: 1.Ceasing operation at Tatung University 2. Jonathan taking over as CEO 3. Anniversary Party on Sept 19 In 2014, FutureWard was founded by Daniel Lin, beginning as one of Taiwan’s largest makerspaces in Tatung University. In 2016, Jonathan Liao joined as co-founder and COO of FutureWard 2.0, leading to the birth of FutureWard Central, […]


在FutureWard Central寬敞的活動空間中Atrium是一個會讓人不自覺放鬆的地方,在辦公桌前,你可能會偶爾起身走動,接著不知不覺就逗留在Atrium。位在地下一樓的辦公空間,Atrium佔地接近30坪,走到這裡可以接受大面積的溫暖陽光,覆蓋整個牆面的玻璃讓空間有了延伸,視覺上也明亮許多。 橫木條紋挑高的桌子上,可以獨自聽著音樂完成工作,或是喝上一口來自FutureWard的咖啡,輕鬆地與人交談。擁有片刻休息的五分鐘,也許可以增加工作的靈感;也可以一整天耗在Atrium感受光影變化,白天與晚上、錯落的植栽間、桌椅夾縫中的光束都可以讓人出神。 不論是電影欣賞會、產品發表會或是聚餐同樂,Atrium適合各式活動。這裡不定期都會有新鮮事發生,如果有興趣的話,歡迎跟我們連絡!

FutureWard’s Coworking Space

If you are a small company or freelancer, FutureWard Central is the perfect space for you! Our coworking space is divided into three main sections: Dedicated Desks, Hot Desks and Dedicated Pods. We also have many open areas and social spaces for our members!   Dedicated Desks Dedicated Desks are desks that are “dedicated” to […]

FutureWard’s Open Area

One of our core values at FutureWard is community, and we hope to foster an environment where our members can collaborate openly and be inspired by each other. Thus, FutureWard Central has many open areas scattered throughout our space. As soon as you enter the space, you see our open kitchen area; the ideal place […]

FutureWard’s Meeting Rooms

There are 5 meeting rooms with different functions in FutureWard. Despite the capacities and equipment, they all have features themselves. Depend on what kind of digital equipment and how many seats you need in the meeting; you can choose one that suits your needs. However, the electrical outlet, the network outlet, the air conditioning, and […]

What is TITAN? FutureWard’s involvement!

Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena is a flagship project supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology. This project aims to boost the diversity of Taiwan’s innovation ecosystem by inviting talents from all over the world to create the next big thing with Taiwan’s startups and industries. We firmly believe that diversity brings out creativities, […]

Why FutureWard? Perks of being part of our Community!

Still deciding which Coworking Space to join? I think joining our community would be a great idea! Let me explain why. By renting a space with us, you automatically become a member of our community. Our members are from all over the world. Germany, Switzerland, England, America, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, France… You […]

Why FutureWard? What’s so good about our Location?

Located in the heart of Taipei, FutureWard is just five minutes away from Nanjing Fuxing MRT Station. Hop on the brown or green subway line and be in the other popular parts of the city under 20 minutes. If you know how to take a bus, there’s a huge variety of bus lines and stops […]