Taiwan Tech Arena

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FutureWard has been operating FutureWard Central since 2016. Up until now there have been nearly 110 teams who were based there and over 1000 people who used the space. Utilizing the unique space design of a coworking space we planned & hosted a wide range of events: Demo Day, Start Up Counseling, Media Assemblies, FutureWard Forums, Networking events etc. Through these we have gained a lot of experience in operations. All these activities do not just encourage members to interact with each other but also connect the space with the public. In 2018 FutureWard was granted the Members’ Choice Awards 2018 by the platform “Coworker”.  Additionally, FutureWard has helped 90 teams to successfully create and grow their start up.

After successfully operating and managing FutureWard for two years, we were fortunate enough to be invited to cooperate with ITRI to join the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) program, led by the Ministry of Science and Technology. With FutureWards operation abilities in mind we were assigned to manage the new space which includes community areas, telephone booths, conference rooms, photography studios, livestream rooms, game rooms, lounges and many more. This space was created with having all the teams in mind who will join the TTA program and providing them with all the amenities that makes a comfortable and productive work environment possible. We also help them with any support they need in their work to develop locally and internationally. With FutureWards international background and media resources we promote TTA’s program and Taiwan’s strengths in hardware, innovation, Blockchain and AI abroad. This way we are able to attract foreign teams and talents to join and profit from Taiwan’s vast resources. It is also a way to strengthen Taiwan’s reputation internationally.