living room area common space

Why FutureWard? What’s so good about our Location?

Located in the heart of Taipei, FutureWard is just five minutes away from Nanjing Fuxing MRT Station. Hop on the brown or green subway line and be in the other popular parts of the city under 20 minutes. If you know how to take a bus, there’s a huge variety of bus lines and stops as well.

Around our area, we have tons of different restaurants and food stalls to chose from. You will never not know what to eat today. Of course, 7/11 and Family Mart is not missing either. Some examples of our member’s favorite food choices: Beef noodle soup, dumplings, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Cambodian Cuisine, Lunchbox Buffet, Burger, Thai, Sushi, BBQ…

A 24/7 Wellcome Supermarket is right next door, and a traditional market is seven minutes walk away. We also have a fully functional kitchen in the middle of our Coworking Space, which makes cooking your own meals possible as well!

Next to our space is a little park, perfect for lunchtime walks or a relaxing cigarette. At the park, you will also find a U-bike (governmental installed public bikes, rentable with MRT card) stand and scooter parking. Right across our address, there is a parking lot where you can rent a parking spot for your car.

Are you also expecting guests from time to time? Worry not, we have different types of hotels next door, across the street and generally in the area.

All in all, anything that you could think of can be found right around the corner of our space!


Come check out our location at:

No. 343, Changchun Road, Taipei City