FutureWard Potluck – Let’s Picnic!

FutureWard Potluck – Let’s Picnic!

Have you noticed that we’ve had some new faces lately and are eager to get to know them? That’s why we want to invite everyone to join our FutureWard Potluck – Let’s Picnic! on May 25th.

Who: Our members
What: FutureWard Potluck – Let’s Picnic!  (everyone brings one picnic food)
When: Thursday, 05/25 from 12:00-14:00
Where: FutureWard Atrium
Why: We all love food and food is even better when you eat it with others!

Come out and network with your fellow community members while enjoying some homemade dishes! We are excited and can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the gathering! Please RSVP at the reception until 05/22!