FutureWard Central‘s mission is to build a collaborative innovation ecosystem with
shared access to well-equipped makerspaces, scalable private & open-plan
coworking offices, and dedicated event spaces.

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Fully equipped and regularly stocked kitchen
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Monthly community events such as baking, coffee tasting, and more!

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FutureWard is more than just a Makerspace and Coworking space in taipei, we care about finding potential partners, making ideas happen, and connecting all possibilities.






We provide open and private spaces to members, which are scalable and can be arranged according to your needs.
Makerspace: All kinds of ideas are encouraged here, a space where you have permission to play.

We provide a variety of casual and formal meeting spaces, for clients and for friends.  From  conversations over coffee, to group brainstorming, to web conferencing, be creative in how you use our 1600+ sqm footprint!

For large events, our main function room can seat 160 people comfortably and is fully fitted with professional AV equipment.

We believe strength comes in numbers. When you’re embarking on your startup journey, it’s important to know you are not alone. Being a part of our community helps you network and discover new ideas or opportunities





Apr 26 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
2:00 pm
FutureWard Central
7:00 pm
  WorkFace Taipei X iiiNNO,共同打造更友善的創業環境。邀請 iiiNNO 一諾新創創辦人郭展榮來分享他的創業故事及在新創界一路走過來的歷程,經歷這些經驗,他有什麼感觸及未來規劃,歡迎你一起來了解。 【活動介紹】 ❆ 講者將會分享 1、分享經歷 2 次創業體悟到的心路歷程 2、提供自身創業的建議幫助創業者思索 3、說明未來連結台灣與世界的新創環境 iiiNNO 一諾新創創辦人郭展榮:「因為自己有實際創業失敗的經歷,更能以過來人的角色來協助在創業路上的夥伴,來分享創業可能遇到的盲點及需要能力加強的領域。」 iiiNNO,一諾新創,連結世界與台灣的新創育成平台。運用各式創業輔導活動、三個月前加速計畫等等,幫助創新創業者從想法成形、驗證市場到團隊建立,提供創業者一路上的協助。同時,一諾對國際新創團隊提供完整的接地服務,協助團隊快速打進台灣及其他亞洲市場。 WorkFace Taipei X iiiNNO,共同打造更友善的創業環境。 WorkFace Taipei 第 2 群組:資產管理與天使投資,邀請 iiiNNO 一諾新創創辦人郭展榮來分享他的創業故事及在新創界一路走過來的歷程,這些年來,他不斷地創業者共創,快速驗證商業模式及拓展海外市場,成功協助團隊進入海外及讓海外團隊進入台灣市場,經歷這些經驗,他有什麼感觸及未來規劃,歡迎你一起來了解。 【講者簡介】 郭展榮,David 現任為一諾新創(iiiNNO)共同創辦人,也是新創公司的導師及早期天使投資者。專注在輔導及投資有決心拓展國際市場的新創團隊,同時積極參與 Startup Weekend & Startup Grind 的國際新創計畫,同時也是 Global Entrepreneur Network(GEN)台灣執行董事及亞洲副理事,常受邀請在亞洲分享及擔任國際新創競賽的評審。 ▍主辦單位 WorkFace Taipei WorkFace Taipei 是兩岸創變者社群,藉由【連結】與【共創】串聯成平台上各個領域的【 16 群組】,透過不同的社群工具,【主題例會】、【創業大學 Forum 】、【專業工作坊】等等持續社群帶進更多能量,期待為台灣的創變者們建立共享豐盛的商業生態系統。 ▍活動時間 2018 年 4 月 26 日 (四) 19:00 ~ 21:30 ( 18:30 入場,19:00 活動開始並候補入場) ▍活動地點 趣工作共同工作空間 (台北市中正區北平東路 30 – 2 號 4 樓) ▍報名方式 活動採不收費預先報名制,請以 Accupass 報名
May 2 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
2:00 pm
It can be argued that a trademark is the most valuable asset of your company since it represents who you are and forms the connection with your customers. It is crucial to protect it with a proper plan but perhaps you just don’t know where to start. From this workshop you will get a basic understanding of trademark rules and how to pick a trademark that is likely to be accepted by the government. We will also cover several cases of companies that have suffered from costly trademark disputes and learn from their mistakes. At the same time, we will show you the methods we use to help companies set up a trademark strategy. You can bring home a worksheet to guide you through the process faster and easier. — ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Jessie Chou is the Co-founder and CEO of Musa Trademark, a trademark agent specializing in Taiwanese and Chinese trademarks, and a proud member of CCCT and CCIFT. Ms. Chou has been in the field for over 9 years after graduating from the law school at National University of Kaohsiung and completing the professional training programs from Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy and China Intellectual Property Society. She works passionately to help managers and founders understand the importance of trademark protection and help companies to grow steady and strong with a customized trademark strategy. ABOUT MUSA TRADEMARK: Musa Trademark derive its name from the Muses, the nine Greek inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. Our goal is to help protect intellectual property and expand its value. We provide professional full-range trademark services to optimize your intellectual property strategies in Taiwan and around the world. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of companies. We take great pride in our profession and understand the importance of helping our clients protect their intellectual property. Musa is also much honored to support the animal welfare organization The PACK Sanctuary with volunteer work and our trademark knowledge and to sponsor the Canadian Chamber’s 2017 Dragons’ Chamber pitch event for foreign entrepreneurs. More info:
FutureWard Central