FutureWard Central‘s mission is to build a collaborative innovation ecosystem with
shared access to well-equipped makerspaces, scalable private & open-plan
coworking offices, and dedicated event spaces.

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Private Office
NT$ 8,400/ ping (5% tax included)
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Fully equipped and regularly stocked kitchen
with free coffee/tea and snacks.
Monthly community events such as baking, coffee tasting, and more!

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FutureWard is more than just a Makerspace and Coworking space in taipei, we care about finding potential partners, making ideas happen, and connecting all possibilities.






We provide open and private spaces to members, which are scalable and can be arranged according to your needs.
Makerspace: All kinds of ideas are encouraged here, a space where you have permission to play.

We provide a variety of casual and formal meeting spaces, for clients and for friends.  From  conversations over coffee, to group brainstorming, to web conferencing, be creative in how you use our 1600+ sqm footprint!

For large events, our main function room can seat 160 people comfortably and is fully fitted with professional AV equipment.

We believe strength comes in numbers. When you’re embarking on your startup journey, it’s important to know you are not alone. Being a part of our community helps you network and discover new ideas or opportunities





Mar 20 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
2:30 pm
Want to start a business, but don’t know how to register your company? Running into legal issues with your startup and don’t know what to do? Ask the experts at Xiri Attorneys during their open office hours at FutureWard Central! If you are interested in attending this event please email [email protected] for a time slot (4 time slots available). Please also keep in mind that office hours are for startup/entreprenuer related questions. Thanks! *NOTE: Office hours are free for all FutureWard members. Non-members can purchase a half day pass at NTD$300 to participate and enjoy our facilities. — About Xiri Attorneys: Xiri is a boutique corporate law firm located in the center of Taipei city. We devote ourselves to offer sophisticated and professional legal services to clients. Our mission is to craft innovative solutions for clients that can help clients reduce risks, reduce costs and improve their businesses.
FutureWard Central
7:30 am
  數位行銷中,Email行銷為最基本元老級的應用,特別對新創事業當中特別顯微重要,對於老企業來說更是CRM經營裡不可或缺的一塊,StarRocket 明白大家的需要與痛點! 在今年StarRocket將開始一系列新創抬槓Startupchat,將針對新創團隊所碰到的大小事揪團來抬槓,首次將針對Email名單行銷及管理技巧上與大家分享交流,如果你針對Email行銷、電子報的經營等充滿了許多的疑惑及掙扎,或是不知道Email經營客戶關係的小技巧,歡迎一起來到我們『新創抬槓Startupchat』分享與交流! 課堂中鼓勵提出在Email行銷或CRM客戶管理經營上的疑惑,有特別的經驗與方法也歡迎與我們分享呦!本次邀請到Ematic數位行銷優化的專家,將分享他們如何協助客戶如:Grab Taxi, Uniqlo, Decathlon迪卡儂, W Hotel…透過Email管理技巧創造更多線上收入及有效管理打破Email已死的傳統想法,這是一個身為數位行銷人不可或缺的經驗交流活動,邀請你一起參加! 目標對象:新創企業創業者及團隊、中小企業經營者、數位網路行銷、CRM客戶管理相關操作的人。 注意: 如您想在本次活動中分享相關數位行銷經驗或是慘痛經歷等分享,請至報名表內填寫相關資訊,以便我方主動與您聯繫洽談相關活動分享細節,謝謝您的協助。針對欲分享者,時間有限的緣故,將由主辦單位篩選完後每人約3-5分鐘分享。 活動日期:2018/03/21 19:30-21:30 活動流程: 19:00-19:30:簽到入場(務必攜帶名片交換入場) 19:30-20:00:自我介紹與交流 20:00-21:00:主題內容分享 21:00-21:30:QA & Social 活動費用: 趕緊來報名聽聽(早鳥票):NT$150元(2018/03/10 18:00以前)。 我要一起來聽聽(觀眾席):NT$300元。(加入會員→ 即可獲得優惠碼,報名輸入即享會員價200元!) 我要和大家分享(分享席):NT$150元。(請務必於報名表中填寫清楚預計與大家分享主題及內容) 參加者須知: 熱情奔放的心 期待認識新朋友 攜帶能聯絡到你的大量名片 *本活動因故而無法順利進行時,主辦單位保有隨時修改、暫停或終止本課程活動之權利。 *報到時務必憑證並簽到入場,主辦單位將憑報名票卷確認報名入場。
三創生活園區 11樓
Mar 21 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
7:00 pm
Our Mission: To support entrepreneurs from Taiwan and all over the world to start their business in Taiwan, and then take their products / services to the global market. Our casual meetings are on a regular basis. You are welcome to join and to pitch your ideas and discuss your pains & problems. You are welcome to pitch! It’s not complicated: Just contact one of the organizers (preferably by PM) to ensure you get a slot and enough time for your presentation. If possible, please create a short abstract which we can include in the announcements on FB and Meetup and submit it at least 3 days in advance. Technical requirements: Normally, we have access to a projector with an HDMI cable attached. If you shouldn’t have a suitable notebook or might need a special adapter/signal converter, tell us in advance, then we can make up a solution. In that case (and also to be prepared that Murphy’s Laws will strike), please prepare your slides as PowerPoint, pdf or odp (use the export or print_to_file options of your program) on a USB stick or accessible online. PLEASE NOTE: MLMs, direct/network marketing/selling, and anything similar to these are NOT welcome in our group.
FutureWard Central