FutureWard Central‘s mission is to build a collaborative innovation ecosystem with
shared access to well-equipped makerspaces, scalable private & open-plan
coworking offices, and dedicated event spaces.

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Private Office
NT$ 8,400/ ping (5% tax included)
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Fully equipped and regularly stocked kitchen
with free coffee/tea and snacks.
Monthly community events such as baking, coffee tasting, and more!

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FutureWard is more than just a Makerspace and Coworking space in taipei, we care about finding potential partners, making ideas happen, and connecting all possibilities.






We provide open and private spaces to members, which are scalable and can be arranged according to your needs.
Makerspace: All kinds of ideas are encouraged here, a space where you have permission to play.

We provide a variety of casual and formal meeting spaces, for clients and for friends.  From  conversations over coffee, to group brainstorming, to web conferencing, be creative in how you use our 1600+ sqm footprint!

For large events, our main function room can seat 160 people comfortably and is fully fitted with professional AV equipment.

We believe strength comes in numbers. When you’re embarking on your startup journey, it’s important to know you are not alone. Being a part of our community helps you network and discover new ideas or opportunities





Aug 15 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
6:30 pm
Please remember to get your free ticket on Accupass. Event tickets will be available until noon on 8/15. Those without a ticket will be subject to a 100NT charge at the door. Thank You! Join us as FutureWard presents our FutureWard Forum! We aim to foster and build a collaborative community through the sharing of ideas and knowledge. Be sure to stay for happy hour with delicious beer and yummy food! ​This months speaker is David Liu. David is a 32 year old Taiwanese American, startup founder who looks 42 and feels 62. Today and for the past 3 years, David oversees TW.House, a low key startup in the real estate and hospitality investment and management space. Prior to this, David spent 10 years or so in Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai working on tech startups mostly with the mentorship and funding of the HTC family office and related people and companies. Prior to that, David studied Mass Communication at UCLA after growing up in the Bay Area, California. Outside of his own startup, David’s passions include connecting with other startups, being a married dad (yay!), and dreaming of and tinkering around with plans to digitally revolutionize the Christianity/faith “market.” Event Rundown: • 18:30-19:00 Networking • 19:00-19:15 Introductions • 19:15-19:45 Startup Wisdom: Takeaways After Burning $10M USD & 10 Years in Startups • 19:45-20:00 Q&A • 20:00-21:00 Food & Socializing Don’t miss this great opportunity to share your insights, experiences, and exchange innovative ideas and network with other great minds in the community. Let us work towards a better future together! — If you are interested in speaking at upcoming FutureWard Forum events please email us at: [email protected] Visit Our Website: *Please note that this event will be in English and live streamed.
FutureWard Central
Aug 21 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
6:30 pm
  Dear MOX Friends, We welcome you to join MOX Batch #5 Demo Day! MOX is the Mobile Only Accelerator within SOSV, the #1 most active early stage investor in the world (Pitchbook 2Q18), and the #1 accelerator in Asia in terms of number of companies accelerated, amount invested and follow-on investment as a result of the program. We are the first accelerator fund in Asia and third in the world to have a unicorn go through the program (BitMEX). We are also the #4 most active VC in blockchain in the world (Crunchbase 2017-1Q18). MOX takes the world’s best emerging mobile apps –– apps that generate revenue and have 30-day retention of 15% or more –– and helps them expand to Southeast Asia, India and other emerging markets. MOX offers free user acquisition though the 160m smartphone users of our promotion partners, so apps can scale without spending on marketing. We further help drive localization, retention, and monetization in new markets. Come meet MOX Batch 5 at our Singapore Demo Day. MOX 5 DEMO DAY: TAIPEI TIME | 時間:8/21 (Tue) 2-5pm ADDRESS | 地點: FutureWard Central B1, # 343, Changchun Rd, Taipei 台北市松山區長春路343號B1 REGISTER: LIVE STREAM: link coming soon If you can’t make our Demo Day in Taipei, we hope you can attend MOX Demo Day in Singapore on Aug 24 – see Singapore event info here:
MOX - Mobile Only Accelerator
9:00 am
2018國際天使與創業投資峰會 從IT的自我中心,到DT以客戶為中心,再到第三次工業革命—互聯網為基礎的技術革命,科技的發展不斷縮短產業變革週期,唯有緊跟時代,才能掌握趨勢脈動,走在創業前端!今年「國際天使與創業投資峰會」,以活絡新創企業與投資人雙向互動為初衷,邀請海外早期投資者分享海外投資與創業趨勢,加速台灣新創企業取得國際資金、掌握趨勢,向外拓展與國際鏈結,跨越新創,挑戰成長後躍上國際舞台,展現台灣創新創業的實力! 期望藉由與天使投資人共同投資,提供新創企業創立初期營運資金,借重天使投資人投資經驗,提供新創後續輔導諮詢與網絡連結,讓各產業中更多具有潛力的優秀創業團隊或新創企業,獲得投資人的青睞並激發更多的創業精神以及創新能量,使台灣新創產業環境能夠不斷地激勵向上。 2018國際天使與創業投資峰會 活動官網