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Taking on the Big Apple

Taking on the Big Apple

Fantastic news for our members~

FutureWard and Spark Labs are now partners!

All FutureWard members can now work for free at Spark Labs New York location for up to 3 times a month!

Spark Labs is a NYC based co-working ecosystem for innovators with 2 spaces in the city, Union Square and Bryant Park. In addition to the physical spaces, which currently host about 250+ companies, we have been building a curated network of co-working ecosystems, which now compromises 60+ other spaces globally. Their mission is to create a collaborative platform for entrepreneurs, innovators & business teams and empowers its members to leverage all the resources and benefits they need in order to grow their business fast and efficiently. In 2017, Spark Labs was voted as one of the top 50 best coworking spaces in New York.

Become a FutureWard member now and enjoy the perks of working at Spark Labs whenever you visit New York!

P.S. Interested members should notify us at the reception.

To learn more about Spark Labs and their ecosystem, check out their website below:


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