FutureWard has opened its doors for 2 months. During our soft opening, we have received support from many of our partners and friends. The space you see today is the result of countless brainstorms, discussions, and not to mention long hours. True to the maker spirit which we firmly believe in, many of the furniture and interior decoration you see were made by ourselves. We hope to bring you a comfortable place, while you work with your team to relentlessly chase your dreams. Let’s take a look at what we have so far! Task chairs (Jul. 28) Living room interior & kitchen facilities Hinoki bench (Aug. 12) Brand signage (Aug. 24) Meeting room carpet Makerspace construction Coworking space tables (Aug. 29)

Hardward Massive Taipei- Networking & Launch Party

We’ve successfully ended our first exclusive Hardware Massive Taipei community building event last month! We are very grateful for the 60 major leaders from startups, hardware industries, and many different fields who attended our celebration, and look forward to having more in the future!   The event kicked off with a space introduction by Jonathan Liao, COO of FutureWard Central, the largest co-working space and makerspace in Taipei. Jonathan explained our mission to build a space that aims to provide all the necessary resources for companies and individuals. Also, he briefly introduced the company’s history, how almost all of 1650 square meters had to be torn down, and rebuilt into the spaces (i.e. Co-working space, private office, meeting room, event space and makerspace) we see t...