Frequently Asked Questions

A coworking space is a workspace where the basic facilities such as kitchens, washrooms, meeting rooms, etc are shared to optimise their use.  Depending on the designation, some desk space can be reserved (dedicated to one person for the duration of a contract) or can also be shared (hot desks).

For more information on why coworking spaces are popular and how they are different from business centres: http://futurewardcentral.com/coworking-spaces-popular/

We have 17 private offices ranging from approx 3ping to 11ping (approx 10m2 to 33m2) which can seat around 3 to 14 people. We also have a large open plan coworking space, over 80 ping (264m2).  This can seat anywhere from 80 to 140 people depending on how we wish to furnish the space.  Flexibility is a key aspect of our operation.

Our entire useable space is approximately 500ping (over 1650m2), consisting of public space, private offices, open plan desks, kitchen, social areas, meeting rooms, a makerspace, and a function space.

Please refer to our price list here

All FutureWard Central members can enjoy our central air conditioning with a continuous fresh air intake, in a variety of different workspaces and work desks/seats. There is high speed wireless internet access in all areas and a fully stocked kitchen with free tea/coffee/snacks. A multi-function color laser printer is available, as are storage lockers, mailboxes, and showers.

Private office tenants also get independent lighting/AC control, dedicated phone extension (phone charges apply), wired Ethernet access, work desks and task chairs, desk lamps, whiteboard, and a welcome basket.  24 hour access is available to private office tenants only, via smart lock RFID cards.

There are a number of parking lots around our location, a number of which offer monthly parking.   Please note we do not have a partnership with any and all prices should be requested from the lot operators.

Yes, all meeting rooms can be booked.  Private Office tenants get 10 hours of free meeting room use a month. All FutureWard members get a 10% discount off the listed price.

Our coworking hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 8:30pm, Sat 9:30am to 6:30pm.
Private office tenants can use their offices 24 hours.

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