Greg Hao Office Hours Early stage startups

Early Stage Startups: From Ideas to Fundraising

Are you an early-stage startup in need of some advice? Do you have some ideas that you want to run by an investor? Need help with fundraising? If you struggle with these questions, stop by our open office hours with Angel Investor Greg Hao for some answers! If you are interested in attending this event please email for a time slot (4 slots available). Thanks!

NOTE: Office hours are free for all FutureWard members. Non-members can purchase a half-day pass for 300NT to attend and enjoy our facilities.

With more than two decades of providing businesses (from three guys with an idea in a coffee shop to Fortune 50 companies) with services ranging from business strategy, product development, and project management Greg has a proven track record of bringing projects in on time and under budget. Having experienced both as an entrepreneur and consultant to startups, Greg knows first hand what it takes to deliver software and hardware products to the market.

Having made his first investment nearly ten years ago, Greg is an active member of organizations such as Tech Coast Angels and Monday Club mentoring and investing in entrepreneurs focusing primarily on enterprise software, SaaS, Fintech, and marketplaces.

In addition to his activities as an angel investor, Greg also holds a position as Managing Partner of MXI, a global solutions provider specializing in improving the operational and technical infrastructure for companies of all sizes.