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Entrepreneur Visas can now be done through FutureWard Central!!

Entrepreneur Visas can now be done through FutureWard Central!!

FutureWard is now recognized as a first-class incubator facility by the MOEA! Application for Entrepreneur Visas can now be done through FutureWard Central.

For many years we have been committed to helping companies who want to be a part of Taiwan’s startup culture. Now startups can apply for the Entrepreneur Visa through FutureWard Central and utilize Taiwan as a platform for developing their company.

International Startup Community

As an international community, FutureWard has accelerated the development of various startups. Our members come from 14 different countries and interact to reaffirm business decisions and ideas, find mentors and partners, as well as understand the market. We also provide coworking spaces and makerspaces to create the perfect environment for sharing ideas and collaboration. Members are free to move around and decide which working environment is the best fit for them. More importantly, FutureWard organizes different social and formal events that connect the community and help companies grow. Interacting with professionals from various fields, from locals to foreigners and businessmen to government officials, individuals share experiences and provide opportunities to learn and grow together.

Entering the International World

Other than helping foreign startups develop in Taiwan, we also help our members with whatever resources they need. We are fortunate to house many startups and entrepreneurs, and we work to grow together, expand our businesses, and gain international recognition. Some well-known FutureWard members include Coolbitx, whose product Slekt is an all in one Bluetooth payment card that became available in South Korea at the beginning of this year, and Tricella’s smart Pillbox which was featured at this year’s Innovex exhibition. With the help of FutureWard, both Coolbitx and Tricella were able to transition into the International Market.

Entrepreneur Visa

Startups have become a trend internationally, causing many young entrepreneurs to leave their familiar homes in pursuit of their dreams. At the same time, numerous countries have introduced Entrepreneur Visas in order to attract more startups and keep their country ahead in the race for global talent. Taiwan’s government opened the Entrepreneur Visa to attract people to Taiwan, match foreign startups with Taiwan’s resources, grow Taiwanese startups, and increase competition in Taiwan.

If you wish to apply, please use the link below:


What is the Entrepreneurship Visa?

The Entrepreneurship Visa is not limited to foreigners, those from Hong Kong and Macau can also apply for the visa. As long as you fulfill one of the following requirements:

  1. Individual Application, the applicant must fulfill one of the requirements:
    1. Secured investment from a domestic or overseas venture capital enterprise, or obtained funding of at least NT$2 million from a government-approved international fundraising platform.
    2. Received approval to reside at a government-approved innovation park, or in an incubator facility that is either directly run by the MOEA, operated in collaboration with the MOEA, or has been rated by the MOEA as a first-class incubator facility within the past three years.
    3. Holds patents inside or outside Taiwan or has a set of recognized professional skills
    4. Has won an award in a leading domestic or overseas business start-up or design competition, or has received approval to participate in a government project to encourage overseas entrepreneurs to invest in Taiwan.
    5. Has established an enterprise with at least 1million NTD of investment in a legal business start-up and is the legal representative of the business
  2. Group Applicants:
    1. If the applicant has not established an enterprise in Taiwan, the applicant must meet at least one of the criteria (a-e) above
    2. If the applicant has already established an enterprise in Taiwan that meets the requirements for an innovative startup, the legal representative, executive officers, managers, or team members, must have invested a combined total of 1million NTD into the enterprise.

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