Month: February 2017

[Partners of FutureWard Central] – Yuan Architects

[Partners of FutureWardCentral] – Yuan Architects (Atrium Space design) – We often get asked who designed our space? In typical startup fashion, much of it was poorly sketched out between myself and Dan over many Sunday afternoons at the coffeeshop. But as much as we wanted to do it all ourselves, we also knew the value of expertise fro...Read More


社群接待助理 正職或兼職皆可 —- 我們尋找一個有社交個性,廣結善緣之際,又對新創有一份熱情的人。這裡有來自國內,也不少來自世界各地的訪客會員,因此這份工作需要基本的英文程度。 你的主要工作內容是要接待訪客、登入會員的資料進入系統,回覆來電跟電郵的諮詢。另外也需要負責每個工作日的開門打烊流程,協助接待主管的日常行政業務,以及輔助布置活動現場。 — 有興趣者,請寄履歷給: 更多資訊:

We Are Hiring! 徵人!

Community Assistant / Receptionist Full-time or Part-time available 社群接待助理 正職或兼職皆可 —- You should have basic English skills to welcome our local and international visitors and guests. Your main role will be managing the reception, such as checking in members, telephone duties, organising mail, and assisting everyone with their questions. You w...Read More