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Visiting Hong Kong? Be sure to visit our new partner, CoCoon!

Visiting Hong Kong? Be sure to visit our new partner, CoCoon!

After partnering up with Spark Labs in New York, we are now also partners with Hong Kong based coworking space, CoCoon!

All FutureWard members can work at CoCoon for free for up to 3 days a month! To all our members, if you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong, you know where to go for a great workspace!

CoCoon is a leading entrepreneurship network based out of Hong Kong focused on: community building, entrepreneurship education and early stage investments. Their coworking space is a 9,000 square feet creative and collaborative environment in the middle of Hong Kong shared by startups and freelancers. The space features eco-friendly interiors, free high-speed Wifi, an indoor café, modular hot desk seats, conference rooms and plenty of natural light. CoCoon is the ideal social and physical office space for diverse, innovative and hardworking talent.

CoCoon is in the business of gathering vision, talent, experience and resources. Their mission is to reignite the entrepreneurial spirit in Hong Kong and they strive to build an environment in which members will experience a metamorphosis where their ideas and abilities will meet people and opportunities and transform into success stories, just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly via its cocoon.

Join us at FutureWard and get the chance to work at one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious coworking spaces for free!

P.S. Be sure to let us know before you head over
For more information about CoCoon, check out their website below:


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