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[TITAN] How FutureWard Helped

[TITAN] How FutureWard Helped

In just one month, FutureWard was able to hold four events; FutureWard Forum, Hardware Massive, FutureWard Demo Day, and Startup Vendor Fair. Aside from the events, they also asked each startup team about their needs in order to better customize a mentor program that will maximize their businesses growth and acceleration in Taiwan.

Because each teams requirements are different, we will introduce them individually.


LimeTech hopes to set up a base in Taiwan and wishes to explore the startup ecology of Asia. They also wish to work with Taiwanese manufacturers for technical support, development, and also to perfect their products second generation design. They want to participate in more social activities and get acquainted with other startup founders and investors in the industry to learn more about the Asian market.

FutureWard organized events and activities according to LimeTech’s needs, in hopes to help them achieve their goals.

  • Provided opportunities to meet with Angel Investors to increase their chances of fundraising

2017 International Angel and Early Investment Summit – [Investor Spotlight – Bright Investment Stage]


  • Provided a variety of events and opportunities to help increase LimeTech’s exposure

FutureWard Central: Open Mic Night—Allowed startup teams to practice their pitches, and LimeTech took this opportunity to pitch about their startup, My Room Abroad.


FutureWard Central/Anchor Taiwan: FutureWard Forum—Learned about how to use fundraising to get more opportunities and profits and to get to know more VC firms.


MOX Friday Happy Hour


2017 European Education Fair Taiwan (EEFT) – Networked with different european colleges and found potential partners for MRA

TIEC Webinar – Learned about the different pitch styles and participated in the TIEC media investment press conference


AppWorks Demo Day #15—Attended the demo day to gain experience and learn from other startup teams. The also applied for Appworks Batch 16th Training Program.

TSS – Starting Lineup Membership Program— LimeTech has applied for TSS’ 6 week intensive training program and is going through the interview process at the moment.

  • Helped in the hiring of interns to increase work efficiency – Before the teams arrive, FutureWard assigned interns to assist them with their transition into Taiwan.

Assigned to LimeTech was Richard Huang from Datong University

  • Helped them understand how much their second generation NoisePanda product would cost.

Introduced TRIPLE as a potential partner vendor

  • Assisted in the writing of their business plan

Discussed with experts on fundraising and learned how to improve their business plan and pitch.

  • Helped them understand how to establish a company in Taiwan.

Helped with exhibitions – Arranged different law firms and CPA firms to meet with LimeTech and talk about company registration and tax laws.


  • Help exhibitors

Meet Taipei


Machina expects to meet with some logistics companies and learn the process of shipping raw materials back to the United States and Mexico. They also learned about how to set up a company in Taiwan and some detailed application steps. Then they met with engineers and lawyers to help them refine Machina’s products and make them better. Machina is also interested in finding investors in Taiwan and learning more about Taiwan’s business culture.

FutureWard organized events according to Machina’s needs and aided them with achieving their goals.

  • Introduced Taiwan manufacturers to discuss cooperation

Introduced Metro – Discussed the production of smart wear sensor prototype

Recommended ZenPack – Discussed shipping logistic issues


Held a Vendor Fair event to introduce Jiu Hao Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. – Looked for the right package manufacturers to help them send products to Cambodia.


Recommended East Ken Interview – Found a suitable sock manufacturer with the ability to combine their sensor with the socks


Introduced Shengda International Logistics Co., Ltd. – Looked for a logistics company to discuss how products are delivered

  • Provided a variety of activity information to increase the teams’ exposure opportunities and find resources

FutureWard Forum-User Experience


Hardware Massive-Wearable Technology


Demo Day – Participated in the Demo day, met with VCs, and exchanged ideas with other teams


Business Next – Participated in the lecture on “How to Have a Successful Co-Founder Relationship”

  • Assisted the team in applying for Entrepreneur visa
  • Recommended Machina to participate in the competition

TechPlanter Competition – Showcasing products for competition awards

  • Help exhibitors

Meet Taipei

TRIPLE hard and soft integration results presentation


Tricella wants to be connected to smart city planning and health service decision makers in Taiwan, finding supply chain and large volume manufacturers. (Especially medical equipment), introducing to government departments (EX: Industrial Technology Research Institute), recruiting Taiwanese software and hardware talents.

FutureWard organized events and activities according to Tricella’s needs, in hopes to help them achieve their goals.

  • Aid in company registration
  • Aid in understanding quotations from outsourcing vendors



  • Aid in the hiring of new talent

FutureWard introduced mit.Jobs to Tricella and they were able to post their job positions on their online job platform.


  • Recommended a robot program in cooperation with the Taipei City Government.
  • Aided in finding vendors

WT Microelectronics – Helped them solve bluetooth related issues

  • Helped them find legal aid – Lawyer Enzo Pan, Xiri Attorneys

They did not want legal issues to restrict the development of their company, so they educated themselves on Taiwan law.


  • Recommended them for the Taipei Smart City Conference

Met with Taipei City Mayor Ko to discuss the Taipei Smart City Conference: The main goal of the conference was to discuss the concept of a smart city, and to network with government officials.

  • Aided them in understanding Taiwan taxation laws – CPA, XiuHua Su

Understand tax related issues, filing quaterly tax returns, etc.

  • Matchmaking with other vendors

Postnatal Care Center – They hope that through these centers people will be more and more aware of Tricella’s product.


  • Referred Angel Investors to help with fundraising

TVG-Greg Ho

  • Helped with exhibitions

InnoVex 2017

RISE Hong Kong 2017

Meet Taiwan’s 21st Information and Technology World Conference

TechCrunch Disrupt 2017


Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology Exhibition



  • Provided a variety of events and opportunities to help increase Tricella’s exposure

FutureWard Forum-User Experience

Hardware Massive-Wearable Technology

BGBAT – The Impact of Economic Policy in Taiwan

Austrian Startup Delegation in Taiwan


FutureWard Forum-WeMo Scooter



(Motiv only attended the first part of TITAN)

Motiv hopes to expand its hardware business in Taiwan and learn about potential Taiwanese hardware manufacturers in an effort to improve their supply chain management and look for packaging companies.

FutureWard organized events and activities according to Motiv’s needs, in hopes to help them achieve their goals.

  • Recommended hardware manufacturers




Yee Tong Enterprise

Heqiang International Co., Ltd.




Metal Manufacturer – Mark Huang

  • Recommended cross-industry collaboration-Lime Tech

Motiv was able to collaborate with fellow TITAN team LimeTech because both teams work with detecting and improving sleep quality.


  • Introduced packaging companies

Shen Chuan Printing Co. Ltd.

Golden Arrow Printing Technology Co. Ltd.

  • Provided a variety of events and opportunities to help increase Motiv’s exposure.

FutureWard Forum-User Experience


Hardware Massive-Wearable Technology


FutureWard Forum-WeMo Scooter



After 1+4 months of help and mentoring from FutureWard, the TITAN teams have gained a lot. They have successfully registered their company in Taiwan, applied for the Entrepreneur Visa, placed many orders, collaborated with many Taiwanese manufacturers, and more. At the moment, all 4 TITAN teams are still in Taiwan developing their businesses and using Taiwan’s hardware technology to perfect their products. The second TITAN program registration date has yet to be announced, but if you are interested in applying for this program, you can check out the article below to learn more about TITAN.



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