Office Hours with Xiri Attorneys

Every month we hold office hours with our partners at Xiri Attorney’s here at FutureWard Central. Want to know how to start and register your business in Taiwan? Ask the experts at Xiri Attorney’s at their one on one offices hours.

Laising CPA Firm Office Hours

Want to know how to establish a subsidiary or a branch office in Taiwan? Have questions about Taiwanese tax laws? Attend our Laising CPA office hours at FutureWard Central and let the experts at Laising answer all your questions.

Entrepreneur Visa

Have you always wanted to start a business in Taiwan, but couldn’t due to visa issues? In recent years, the Taiwanese government has introduced the Entrepreneur Visa, which provides interested entrepreneurs a one year visa to stay in Taiwan and work on creating and growing their business. Those interested in applying for this visa may apply through FutureWard and we will help you through the application process.