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About FutureWard Central

[Partners of FutureWard Central] – 13 Studio

[Partners of FutureWard Central] – 13 Studio

[Partners of FutureWardCentral] – 13 Design Studio (Kitchen, Lounge, Furniture)

– We often get asked who designed our space? In typical startup fashion, much of it was poorly sketched out between myself and Dan over many Sunday afternoons at the coffeeshop. But as much as we wanted to do it all ourselves, we also knew the value of expertise from professionals, and relied on the experience of many friends and family when needed. In these series of notes, we highlight some stories on how FutureWard Central came to be and the key partners who helped us on the way.-

One of our most familiar areas is undoubtedly the kitchen/lounge area. As the hub of all Chinese homes, we wanted to make sure the kitchen was also central to our users. In order to foster an open community and create opportunities for interaction, we decided that the kitchen would be a focal point, therefore allowing it to have three walkways for visitors, private office tenants, and our open desk members to all converge in one area. It’s also the first area people see together with the reception. The rough layout confirmed, we then approached Ace Yeh, one of the makers at FutureWard Tatung who also runs a design studio with some friends, to talk over interior themes and the eventual fit-out.

February 2016 sketch (copyright FutureWard Central)

February 2016 sketch (copyright FutureWard Central)

Going with the industrial modern themes that are so popular with coworking spaces, Ace pitched a simple fit-out consisting of wood surfaces & metal tubing structures. We also stressed the flexibility of arrangement as the kitchen would not only be used as a lunchtime cafeteria, but also night-time cocktail events. This resulted in the semi-modular bar tables, which can be moved around as necessary to suit different uses of the space.


3D render of kitchen (copyright 13 Studio)

Next to the sink, we maximised the tabletop space along with choosing Formica laminate for durability. Cabinets were integrated to store the various electrical and household items, as were shelving for the inordinate amount of tea & coffee we were sure to consume. A large refrigerator of course was required, future proofed for the day we need an American full-sized double-door unit.

On the opposite side, display shelving was designed to highlight the many types of technological proof-of-concepts or crowdfunded products that have and continue to push the boundaries of daily life. Half homage and half conversation starter, it also will allow us to display the products of companies that come through FutureWard Central.

Display Shelf

To round out the visual, raw boarding was cut to size and nailed to the end wall above the semi-hidden trash receptacles. And the green FutureWard neon sign completes the space!


A huge thank you to Ace from all of us at FutureWard Central for all his hard work. Besides the kitchen, Ace also lent his expertise to the mailbox design, coworking tables, and general assistance in many of the details that make up our space.
For more information, please check out the links below:
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