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There were 10 teams who were chosen for the program, and FutureWard was lucky enough to host 4 teams; Tricella and Motiv from the US, Machina from Mexico, Lime Tech from Belgium.



Tricella’s mission is to make an immediate positive impact on people’s lives, especially in regards to family, health, and education. The California based company is best known for their smart Pillbox, which immediately notifies you if your loved ones forget to take their pills. Each cell of the pillbox has embedded sensors that can detect when the chamber is opened. If the pill is not taken, the Tricella App sends a message to the user’s loved ones, who can send them a personal reminder through the apps built in messenger.


Founded in 2013, Motiv believes that a positive idea backed by action can change the world. Based in California, Motiv’s company mission is to create simple devices that allow people to live better. Their first product is the Motiv Ring, a smart ring that can track sleep duration, resting heart rate, active heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, and more. Its sleek design and water proof qualities makes it easy for you to wear it 24/7, even in the shower. Motiv seeks to Motiv-ate users to live healthier lives and stay Motiv-ated when facing the problems of the world.


MACHINA is an advanced wearable technology brand launched in 2012 that creates wearable machines by seamlessly integrating fashion and technology. Based in California, the company is founded on the belief that wearable technology will enhance lives by being functional, intuitive, and aesthetic. MACHINA’s vision is to provide every digital athlete the best wearable gadget for his respective discipline to help them get interactive, unique, faster and stronger. More than a brand, MACHINA represents a community of great minds interacting and working with each other.


Lime Tech’s first product was the natural sleep aid, NoisePanda. NoisePanda was created to combat sleeping pill addiction by providing a natural, healthy alternative sleep aid. It blocks out sleep disturbances by generating white noise that helps the user fall asleep and stay asleep. Thanks to its comfortable headband design, users are able to sleep through the night and can even adjust the white noise settings through the NoisePanda app.

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