Our Story

Our Mission

A new way of connecting the global startup ecosystem

FutureWard is not just a makerspace or a coworking space, but a collection of startup resources. It is a place for people of different countries and backgrounds to help each other, and to take advantage of Taiwan’s strength as a global manufacturing hub. Through collaboration and connections, FutureWard hopes to help entrepreneurs and startups grow to their full potential. 

FutureWard brings together the many overlapping resources startups look for in their journey.  With a physical and virtual community attended by the public and private sector, full of investors, service providers, entrepreneurs, and mentors, FutureWard members share in this collective experience by helping each other gain a fast track to solutions. 

FutureWard, no longer just a space. Join us and realize your startup potential! 

Our Story

FutureWard was founded by Daniel Lin in 2014. While born in Taiwan, Daniel grew up abroad and spent many years working in the biomedical field, from genetic engineering to cancer research.

Daniel returned to Taiwan in 2009, wanting to help Taiwan’s startup ecosystem gain global recognition.  But to succeed is not just a matter of ideas and persistence, the surrounding resources must be supportive in order for continual growth. In 2014, after careful planning and consideration, and the eventual realization of these various resources, Daniel was able to create the ideal makerspace, FutureWard Tatung. 

FutureWard Tatung was one of Taiwan’s first makerspaces. In collaboration with Tatung University, the space brought together many teams and projects, bringing forth a different future in the field of startups, as per its namesake. 

After identifying a need for more workspace, and more support in the growing startup ecosystem, Daniel brought on Jonathan Liao as COO.  With a deep set of design and management resources, and a similar international background, Jonathan helped launch FutureWard Central in 2016, an extensive coworking space for international entrepreneurs.  Fast becoming a fixture in the international Taiwan startup scene, FutureWard Central hopes to cultivate a community where members help each other and with shared access to common services, they can realize their full potential and dreams.