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Hardward Massive Taipei- Networking & Launch Party

Hardward Massive Taipei- Networking & Launch Party

We’ve successfully ended our first exclusive Hardware Massive Taipei community building event last month! We are very grateful for the 60 major leaders from startups, hardware industries, and many different fields who attended our celebration, and look forward to having more in the future!


The event kicked off with a space introduction by Jonathan Liao, COO of FutureWard Central, the largest co-working space and makerspace in Taipei. Jonathan explained our mission to build a space that aims to provide all the necessary resources for companies and individuals. Also, he briefly introduced the company’s history, how almost all of 1650 square meters had to be torn down, and rebuilt into the spaces (i.e. Co-working space, private office, meeting room, event space and makerspace) we see today, for those who rent the space to have a convenient and comfortable place to work.


Another key speaker of the evening was Daniel Lin, CEO and founder of FutureWard Central. As Hardware Massive’s Taipei chapter leader, he was extremely excited to see Taiwan’s expansive and increasingly growing startup companies, and wholeheartedly welcomes them to join Hardware Massive and become members in the community.


After Daniel, Reese Wang, the community manager of FutureWard Central, shared the future plans to build up the startup community in Taipei, which includes the regular community events starting from September. For connecting the possibility of collaboration, FutureWard Central will invite leaders from startup and hardware industry to share their insights and experiences. True to the maker spirit, they believe anything will be possible through sharing and coworking.


Looking more information about the space? Join our Facebook fan page!

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