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[GST] 2018 Global Startup Talents @Taipei

[GST] 2018 Global Startup Talents @Taipei


Excited to see and meet the second batch of global startup teams! We also invited Mayor of Taipei Mayor Ko to chat with 20 startups in 2017!! Want to know how to be part of it? Check the detail below!!

Taipei City government is hosting the 15-days ” 2018 Global Startup [email protected] Program” for international startups to create business opportunities and grow business in Taipei, Taiwan since June 4th ~ 18th, 2018.

Applications are now OPEN. Applications will close on 30th April 2018 OR once we find our 20 startups

※ The program offers
● Flight tickets and accommodation for 1 people
● Top-notch co-working Space
● Visiting Taiwan leading enterprises
● Fund raising pitch opportunity
● One on one business matching event
● Demo booth at InnoVEX (Computex)
● Entrepreneur visa application
● Create your network and build partnerships


All information above is taken from the 2018 Global Startup Talents @ Taipei website.


***If you found out about this program from FutureWard, don’t forget to mention us when you apply.***

Apply now for the 2018 Global Startup Talents @Taipei

Want to know more detail about 2017 GST ? Check the link below!!

[GST] 2017 Global Startup Talents @Taipei Event Break Down

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