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[FutureWard Introduction] Private Office

[FutureWard Introduction] Private Office

Here at FutureWard Central we have 17 Private Offices for lease. Each office is different in size, ranging from 3.1 ping to 11.3 ping, but all are equipped with an individual A/C, desks, lamps, task chairs, and a white board. Telephones and basic stationery are also provided for our members. We make sure to provide all the basics, so all you have to do is move in and start working. Once you are in, feel free to rearrange your office and decorate to your hearts content. We want you to feel at home at the office, but please refrain from drilling or painting on the walls.



In order to ensure a pleasant working environment, we are careful in our member selection process, making sure that companies with similar business models do not share this space at the same time. FutureWard is a place of encouragement and collaboration, hostility is not a word you will find in our vocabulary nor in our space. We hope to create an environment where communication thrives and members are encouraged to build a relationship with each other.


Private Offices can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are well aware that our members have different schedules and many operate in different time zones. 24/7 access gives our members the freedom to and come and go as they please, not being restricted by our closing times. For members who arrive early or end up staying late, please feel free to freshen up in our shower room reserved for our Private Office members.

Each Private Office comes with 10 hours of free meeting room usage each month. FutureWard meeting rooms are equipped with video conferencing abilities and are the perfect place to hold large meetings or conference calls. Near the front entrance, each office has its own personal mail box. When there is a green sticker on your mail box it means that you’ve got mail. Our reception is here to receive your mail and will notify you when you can come retrieve it.

Come on down to FutureWard and find your perfect workspace!


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