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[FutureWard Introduction] Meeting Room

[FutureWard Introduction] Meeting Room

There are 4 meeting rooms with different functions in FutureWard. Despite the capacities and equipment, they all have features themselves. The names of our meeting rooms are Creator, Inventor, Discover, and Dreamer. Depend on what kind of digital equipment and how many seats you need in the meeting, you can choose one that suits your needs. However, the electrical outlet, the network outlet, the air conditioning and Wi-Fi are provided in common for each meeting room with an average 5.5Ping (195.745 square feet).



Creator, Inventor, and Discover each can contain around 7 ~ 12 people. And we provide HDMI cable which allows you to transfer your laptop’s screen to 50’’ HD TV during your meeting even the farthest participant can see the screen clearly. Furthermore, Discover provides projector rather than HDMI cable. Meanwhile, each meeting room has their own white board, which helps you to arrange your mind during the meeting.



Dreamer, the most special meeting room with creativity. You can feel the difference with other meeting rooms as long as you walk inside. Yoga ball, rotating chair, you cannot find a normal seat in Dreamer. Sitting on those things not only allows you to brainstorm with participants but relieves all your stress. And why we mention creativity? You can find some markers in the right corner with different colors. The paintings on the wall were the signs of creativity left by the previous meetings. If you are a creative worker, Dreamer is the right meeting room for you.



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