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Finding the Perfect Coworking Space

Finding the Perfect Coworking Space

As coworking spaces become more popular, users will become spoilt for choice.  Here are a few points to consider before finding the perfect coworking Space. Remember, most coworking spaces will have a trial day, as they are just as interested in finding the right guests as you are in finding the right workplace.


A coworking space is a catch-all name for a shared office; many people tend to forget that every office has a different culture and way of doing things. This is as much a result of the managers, as well as the residents, so spend some time to get to know them. You will be spending a majority of your day with these people; make sure you enjoy their company, and that they enjoy yours!

Rules and Responsibilities:

Where do dirty dishes go? Is it okay to eat in the meeting rooms? What areas or equipment are off-limits? Although most coworking spaces operate under a trusting and open environment, make sure you know the rules to avoid those awkward confrontations or an accidental violation.  And if you aren’t sure…ask!


Is there music playing? Would you be okay if there was? How often do you take calls? Are people constantly chatting and laughing? Or is everyone quiet and independent?  These are all questions you should consider before signing up. It is difficult for coworking spaces to maintain an atmosphere that suits everyone, so instead, make sure the environment suits you and your work style.


Be upfront about what services you require, and ask about what is available. Managing this expectation is difficult given the range of services that people may be used to, from administrative services to business services.  Some places may take mail for you, others may not have any staff at all! And while it doesn’t hurt to ask, always be respectful when asking and don’t make any assumptions.


As with services, every coworking space has a slightly different list of amenities.  Don’t expect all to have free coffee, instead be appreciative if it is, and don’t hog the machine!


Many coworking spaces will have events; if they do, you should take advantage of it and join the community.  After all, why work in a coworking space if you don’t want to meet people?
At the end of the day, a coworking space is a social and shared space. There will be a period of adjustment, and there may be some aspects that won’t be perfect for you. Communication is vital, and be understanding as the staff may be just as new to this as you are.  As more coworking spaces pop up and become mainstream, it’s important to shop around and really understand what your own needs from a workspace, and what a workspace can offer you. Welcome to the coworking revolution and we hope to see you at FutureWard Central soon!

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